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The truth is 95% of golf instruction is totally wrong. Style-based golf instruction doesn’t work. The only thing that matters in the golf swing is impact.

All the greats like Nicklaus, Palmer, Player, and Woods all had totally different swings but at impact, they are almost identical.

In this FREE E-booklet I’ll share with you the essence of better golf in 5 easy steps:

  • You’ll learn why style-based instruction doesn’t work
  • What every great player has in common
  • The five dynamics that guarantee better golf shots
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  • Hit longer more accurate shots
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About Bobby Clampett

PGA Tour Player, CBS commentator, and Master Instructor Bobby Clampett has played with all the greats and analyzed their swings in ultra-slow-motion video. The result was a discovery that is rapidly changing the teaching world. The only thing that matters in a golf swing is the 2 inches before the ball and the four inches after. Try it and you’ll believe!