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Golf is a game that requires not just ball-striking skills but strategy. While the skill part of the game comes with good training and practice, the strategy part requires a well-thought-out plan. A golf course can be challenging for even the most experienced players, and having a solid strategy based on a realistic knowledge of your abilities is key to achieving success.

When you take the simple steps Bobby lays out in this FREE ebook to scope out and create a clear course strategy before you play, you will gain the extra confidence you need to make that round the best it can be.

In this FREE Ebook you'll learn:

  • Exactly how to master golf course strategy by understanding the course layout, thinking ahead, playing to your strengths, managing your misses, playing the percentages, learning to LAY UP when necessary, choosing your shots carefully and more.
  • Why you should develop a go to pressure shot.
  • How to recognize and avoid a course's dead zones.
  • How to prepare for a tournament.
  • How to stick to your plan.
  • And more!

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About Bobby Clampett 

PGA Tour Player, CBS commentator, and Master Instructor Bobby Clampett has played with all the greats and analyzed their swings in ultra-slow-motion video. The result was a discovery that is rapidly changing the teaching world. The only thing that matters in a golf swing is the 2 inches before the ball and the four inches after. Try it and you’ll believe!